Hospital discharge project

Find out how you can get involved with our work on hospital discharge experiences during COVID-19.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has put hospital discharge under the spotlight again, as the usual processes hospitals follow have changed to free up beds. While these changes have successfully got people out of hospital and helped the NHS manage the demand created by coronavirus, we don’t know how the new processes are working for both patients, their families and healthcare professionals.

We want to collect people’s experiences of the new discharge process during COVID-19 from hospitals in Wigan and Leigh. This feedback will be used to help the NHS plan how people leave hospital now and in future busy periods.

Take the survey

We are asking patients and/or carers to take part in our survey by clicking one of the following links:

Carers Survey

Patients Survey

You may prefer to request a paper copy or go through the survey questions on the telephone with a member of Healthwatch staff.

If so, please contact Karen Wilson:

01942 834666

Any information you share with us will be used anonymously in a report that will be shared with services who provide and those who commission hospital services in the Wigan borough.

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