'Our Voice Matters Too' Report on 'People’s Views and Experiences of Drugs and Alcohol Services in Wigan' 2017

The purpose of this report was to engage with drug and alcohol services users in the Wigan Borough and therefore understand their experiences and gather their views about the current drugs and alcohol service offer.
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We gathered 178 comments from people who use drugs and alcohol services services and their significant other to ask whether they feel using techonolgy will improve this service.  We focused on four key questions when speaking to people: 

  • What is working well?
  • What is not working so well?
  • Would you consider technology for contacts with addiction services?
  • What would you like to be improved for the future?

Key findings 

  • Most people said local drugs and alcohol services are non-judgemental, reassuring, and independent.
  • People with dual diagnosis experienced disjointed services and limited provision causing them distress and frustration.
  • There were experiences of longer waiting times for some services and a general lack of weekend provision.
  • Friends and family felt excluded from some aspects of the care provided to their loved ones.
  • There was a strong preference for face-to face engagement with service providers, though people liked text contact for appointment information, reminders etc.
  • Group activities do not always work for everyone. A differentiated approach to care was suggested.


To read this report in full, please download a copy of our report. If you need this report in a different format - please contact a member of the team on: 


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People’s Views and Experiences of Drugs and Alcohol Services in Wigan

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