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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of GP practices across Wigan Borough have started to use Ask My GP to help them deliver their services.
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There have been many disruptions to everyday health and care services, and you may have been asked to use Ask My GP  by your GP practice. This article will provide you with more information on the service, and offer guidance on how to use it.

What is Ask My GP?

Ask My GP is an online system used by GP Practices to help give patients quicker access to their services and to cut down on unnecessary appointments.

Where a patient would normally phone the practice for an appointment, they can submit their request via Ask My GP and this will be reviewed by the practice.

Patients can download the Ask My GP app or access it via the website. It’s easy to sign up with no paperwork. 

Ask My GP helps practices manage their workload on a day-to-day basis. It makes it easier and quicker for patients to get help from a doctor and for the doctor to give the right help. It also prevents the need for unnecessary face-to-face appointments which is a better use of everyone’s time.

How does it work?

You will need to check if your GP practice is using Ask My GP. If they are, any patients registered at the practice will be able to use it, including parents and carers. Carers will need to register as a user at the practice where the patient is registered to get access.

People without online access will not be able to use Ask My GP and should continue to contact their GP practices as they normally would, i.e. via telephone at the moment. If a patient rings the practice may still process their request via Ask My GP but the practice will do this on behalf of the patient.

  • The patient asks online or via the mobile app for help with an issue from their own GP
  • The patient’s GP practice responds, normally within the hour
  • The patient can then see/speak to their GP, usually within the same day

How do I use Ask My GP?

When using Ask My GP on the computer or laptop:

  1. Access your GP surgery website
  2. Click on the Ask My GP icon - most practices who are using Ask My GP will have this clearly displayed towards the top of the site
  3. Type in your symptoms into the box when prompted
  4. If you click ‘quick self help’, you’ll given a list of helpful articles and information related to your symptoms
  5. If you want further advice from your GP, click ‘consult your GP’ - you’ll then be asked to sign up for an account
  6. Answer a few simple questions about yourself when prompted
  7. You can ask for a specific doctor from your GP to talk to, how you want to talk to them (over the phone, via online chat etc), and when
  8. The doctor will then respond, and if a telephone call is requested, they will make arrangements

For more information on how Ask My GP works, watch their video below:


Testimonials from local users

”Ask my GP was easy to use, easy to follow and made life a lot easier. I requested an email back which I got within 15 minutes and my prescription was sent to the chemist.”

Christine, Beech Hill Medical Practice

“It was a breeze. Easy to set up on the phone and very easy to use, so much better than hanging on the phone waiting for them to answer. Got to speak to the preferred GP and got some sound advice without needing to visit the surgery. Definitely the way forward.”

Steve, Sullivan Way Surgery

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