Relevant Decision Log

Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh makes its decisions in an open and transparent way and ensures the interests of the people of the Borough will always come first.
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Relevant Decisions


Regulation 40 requires Healthwatch to have in place and publish procedures for making relevant decisions. Relevant decisions include:

  • How to undertake our activities.
  • Which health and care services we are looking at covering with our activities.
  • The amounts we will spend on our activities.
  • Whether to request information.
  • Whether to make a report or a recommendation.
  • Which premises to Enter and View and when those premises are to be visited.
  • Whether to refer a matter to Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
  • Whether to report a matter concerning our activities to another person.
  • Any decisions about sub-contracting.

Relevant decisions do not include day-to-day activity that may be required to carry out fact finding work prior to making a relevant decision.

The Wigan Borough Healthwatch CIC Board, have overall responsibility for making relevant decisions. The Board have utilized their power to delegate the responsibility of making most relevant decisions to the Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh Advisory Committee. The two exceptions are:

  • Whether to make a report or a recommendation.
  • Any decisions about sub-contracting
Relevant Decision Log


Here you can download our Decision making policy.

Decision Making Policy

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