Living with a long term condition during the coronavirus - Report

In response to COVID-19, we are aware that health and social care services have had to drastically change the support they offer the public.
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It is therefore important we understand how these changes are working for people so that we can inform health and social care services and support how they plan and deliver services in the future.


During the coronavirus outbreak, Healthwatch Wigan and Leigh received enquiries, comments, and feedback from members of the public within the Wigan Borough which indicate that some people with long term conditions who are isolated and/or shielding are having experiences which may not affect the general population.

We ran an online survey shared through our mailing lists, social media and networks in the Borough with the aim of collecting experiences of local people to inform the health and social care system in the Wigan Borough to support their planning and delivery of services.

Key findings

  • 54.05% of participants who needed additional support for mental health and wellbeing accessed this through friends and family, voluntary groups and charities, and health care providers
  • Many participants said the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on their mental health, affecting issues such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia
  • Some participants have experienced disruptions to support services such as day centres and home care, due to COVID-19 restrictions and needing to shield
  • Individuals with a long term condition are concerned that their routine care has been cancelled or postponed
  • Participants commented on their experience of excellent communication between services and themselves and services working together to avoid an individual in having to attend the hospital for aspects of care


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Living with a long term condition during the coronavirus - Report 

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